Hiking Trails

Fort Ticonderoga covers nearly 2,000 acres of pristine land in the gateway to the Adirondacks. Trails allow visitors to explore the natural and historic diversity of the landscape. Exploring the site on foot allows for a unique and intimate appreciation for how the land shaped, and was shaped, by the generations who passed before.

The Carillon Battlefield Trail offers a 1.7 mile loop through one of the most important battlefields in North America. Pick up a trail guide at the Log House and explore where empires clashed to decide the destiny of a continent. The trail begins and ends outside of the Log House Welcome Center picnic area.  Be sure to pick up a hiking trail guide and Archaeology Quest Scavenger Game card at the Guest Service Desk.  Can you find all the clues along the trail?

Opening in 2015, the 1756 trail allows visitors to once again explore the land immediately south of the fort itself. The trail winds through what once was a small village supporting the fortress above, while interpretive signage will highlight how this land was used by the French army in 1756. What is now lightly forested land, once held the camp of thousands of French soldiers, militiamen, and Native Americans as well as a veritable factory of brickyards, lime kilns, and bakeries.