Carillon Battlefield

Bringing the Battlefield to New Heights
Thanks to support from the National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program, museum staff are building upon a previous geographic and historical site survey of the Carillon Battlefield and working with new partners to explore how to make the battleground, and the broader Heights of Carillon, more accessible. 

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Take a battlefield hike (1.7-mile loop) to gain an up-close and personal understanding of Ticonderoga’s history. Considered the bloodiest day in North American history until the American Civil War, the Battle of Carillon on July 8, 1758, seared Ticonderoga’s reputation in the minds of all in the Atlantic world. During the Revolutionary War, the Carillon Battlefield was renamed Liberty Hill by the Americans who refortified it. Today, the battlefield is part of the most intact Revolutionary earthworks that exist in America and is part of the site’s designation and protection under the National Historic Landmark designation.

Visitors who take the hike also enjoy spotting wildlife and the wooded natural beauty of the lush and historic landscape.

The Carillon Battlefield hiking trail is accessible from June through October. Access to the hiking trail is included in the general admission ticket. Be sure to download and print out your own trail guide for your visit.

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