King's Garden

At the King’s Garden, we celebrate Ticonderoga’s long legacy, including an epic eighteenth century narrative, landmark preservation in the nineteenth-century, and monumental restoration in the twentieth-century. Come to the King’s Garden to explore one of the oldest cultivated landscapes in America. Explore the brick pathways in the colorful colonial revival garden made for the Pell family in the 1920’s. After taking in all that aroma and color of the 20th century garden, be sure to get rooted in the history of this land by seeing our other five gardens that demonstrate the layers of horticulture at Ticonderoga. Join a tour of this epic land, or get your hands dirty in one of our hands-on horticulture programs. Come interact with today’s gardeners to discover tips to bring home in your own gardens, or talk with our historical gardeners to realize just how vast the history of horticulture is at Ticonderoga. All this, while enjoying the breath-taking beauty of the King’s Garden.

Be sure to check out our new Heritage Breeds program, featuring Red Devon cattle and Dominique Chicken!


Breaking Ground: A Tour of the Historic Gardens
From military garrison gardens to a secluded colonial revival commemorative spectacle of color and light, explore one of the oldest cultivated landscapes in America. Discover the layers of horticultural history of the Ticonderoga peninsula.

May, June, September & October 11:30 & 2:30
July & August 11:45 & 2:45

Garden Programs:

Hands-on Horticulture: July & August
Discover the techniques used to keep our garden thriving! Guests of all ages are invited to practice alongside garden staff as they demonstrate seeding, plant division, and care methods for blooming plants. (Ongoing 1:30 – 3:30)

Making Sense of Lavender: July 1 – 17 (Weekdays)
Play an active role in our historic garden by helping deadhead the lavender border. Learn about this popular plant and create a sachet to take home. It’s scentsational!

Sowing & Growing Favorite Perennials: July 20 - August 31 (Weekdays)
Work alongside our garden staff as they propagate perennials from seed. From soil preparation, seeding, thinning, transplanting and care, witness the transformation from seed to plant. Whatever the day's task, visitors are encouraged to join in and try it out!

Divide & Conquer - Daylilies:  August 3– August 14 (Weekdays)
This popular perennial is featured throughout the King's Garden. Our horticulturalist will discuss various techniques for dividing perennials and demonstrate daylily division and care. Practice the technique with our staff for some hands-on experience!

Iris Division Days:  August 17- 28 (Weekdays)
Discover the history of the bearded iris, learn practical growing tips, and try your hand at dividing the rhizomes of this popular perennial. Take your divided root home and grow a piece of history! Our annual iris sale runs concurrently with the program, including weekends.

Soldiers’ Gardening
Help tend the gardens alongside French soldiers as they grow rows of vital greens and vegetables to supplement their issued rations of bread, pork, and dried peas.

Gardening: Then and Now
Sow and hoe with one of the Pell family’s personal gardeners, and detect how gardening supported the family throughout the era of Reconstruction.

Horticulture: For Today and Tomorrow
Explore the brick pathways that lead you through our beautiful Colonial Revival Garden. Dig up the importance of horticulture at Ticonderoga during the years of Reconstruction, and talk with today’s gardeners to discover its uses for us today.

Apple Picking!

A great fall family visit to Fort Ticonderoga means cool, crisp air, gorgeous Autumn leaves, and picking heirloom apples in the King's Garden! Join us this fall to pick apples by the bag from the Pell family orchard planted in 1911. Your pruning, picking, and apple munching will help keep this orchard thriving for another century.

Apple picking: August - October

Bags of apples are available at the King's Garden Greenhouse for $3.00 each.
Pick your own 1/2 bushel bags are available for $1.00. (A garden staff member will be available to help point out the best, ripest apples).