Omohundro Institute-Fort Ticonderoga Fellow 

The Omohundro Institute-Fort Ticonderoga supports research in Fort Ticonderoga’s collection from scholars at various points in their careers. Meet past Fellows below, and learn more about applying for an Omohundro Institute-Fort Ticonderoga Fellowship here.

blake portrait
Blake Grindon was the recipient of the first Omohundro Institute-Fort Ticonderoga Short-Term Fellowship. Blake is a Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University. Her work examines the consequences of the 1777 killing of Jane McCrea, whose death near Fort Edward became a cause célèbre during the Revolution. Her project represents the first book-length study of McCrea’s story since the mid-nineteenth century.

Matthew headshot
Matthew Dziennik was the recipient of the second Omohundro Institute-Fort Ticonderoga Short-Term Fellowship. Matthew is from the United States Naval Academy. He used the fellowship to continue his research on “First Nations People and Military Labor in the British Atlantic World, c. 1750-1820.” He spent four weeks at Ticonderoga in April/May 2023 accessing sources in the archives, library, and collections at the Thompson-Pell Research Center.

Sara Portrait
Sara Evenson was the recipient of the third Omohundro Institute-Fort Ticonderoga Short-Term Fellowship. Sara is a Doctoral Candidate at the University at Albany. She used the fellowship to explore the cultural creation of kitchen spaces in 18th-century New York, emphasizing nontraditional kitchen spaces like those found in the military environment of Fort Ticonderoga. She explored the archaeological remains of food preparation and eating on the site and examined how such objects and spaces have been preserved and reinterpreted at museums and historic sites.