Battle Reenactment: 1758 Battle on Snowshoes

March 9, 2019

Visit the French Garrison inside Fort Ticonderoga and tour through opposing pickets of British rangers and French soldiers, both well trained and adapted to frontier, winter warfare. Experience the hectic tree-to-tree fighting in a recreated battle. Watch as the rangers make a brave stand against superior odds, only to retreat through the deep woods.

Explore Fort Ticonderoga as it appeared in the winter of 1758 and meet Native American warriors, French soldiers, and Canadians, who delivered the rangers’ worst defeat. See how Natives Americans and French soldiers alike survived the deep winter at this remote military post. More adventurous visitors can take a hike led by a historic interpreter through the uneasy quiet of opposed pickets of soldiers in the deep woods. In these tours visitors can see how rangers kept a vigilant watch for subtle signs that might reveal their ferocious enemy.

Winter footwear/snowshoes recommended. 

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