Explore the Revolution

During the 250th anniversary of the War for Independence, Fort Ticonderoga will present new exhibitions, conferences, and publications that will reach audiences on-site and online through our Center for Digital History.

The opportunity of the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution provides Fort Ticonderoga with a unique opportunity to mobilize the museum’s extensive collections and history to engage with the conflict as it evolved here at Ticonderoga and beyond. The region’s significance to the Revolution will be explored through interpretive and educational programming, lectures, and exhibits. In addition, our exhibition program, as well as a conference series will shine a national and international light on the broader impact of the American Revolution as a conflict that shaped not just the United States but the world with repercussions that are felt to the present day.

Initiatives for the 250th anniversary of the Revolution include:

  • A new exhibition series, A Revolutionary Anthology, running for five years beginning in 2024 and following the museum’s 250th interpretive themes will display hundreds of never-before-seen artifacts from across the Atlantic World that shaped the global American Revolution.
  • The Seminar on the American Revolution will also follow the museum’s interpretive themes to explore the events and implications of this earth-shattering event. Calls for Papers can be found here to submit new research on the period.
  • The Bulletin of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum will mark a full century of being in print during the 250th anniversary. This annual publication will continue to share new research on the period by following Fort Ticonderoga’s interpretive themes and providing opportunities for speakers at our seminars to get their work in print as a legacy for future generations of students and historians. 
  • The Center for Digital History will continue to expand, making material related to the 250th anniversary of the War for Independence available and accessible globally. Ongoing updates to the Online Collections Database will make more of the collection available digitally. New learning opportunities will enable teachers and students to learn from Fort Ticonderoga’s history and collections.