Mission/Presidents Message

Welcome to Fort Ticonderoga’s website, a dynamic resource available to virtual guests!  I’m Beth Hill, and I have the honor to be Fort Ticonderoga’s President and CEO.

Fort Ticonderoga is a museum, cultural destination, historic site, and educational organization. With nearly 2000 acres of exquisite landscape located on Lake Champlain and overlooking the Green Mountains of Vermont, the site’s remarkable history covers the story of how the blood spilled to create an empire in the French & Indian War resulted in the struggle for liberty and America’s independence a generation later. It is also the beautiful story of how a family, the Pell family, undertook the earliest act of preservation in 1820 to protect the crumbling fort and preserved the landscape. A little under a century later the museum was established and the fort restored - the earliest restoration of its kind in America. It is because of their vision that we are now able to fulfill our mission to preserve, educate, and provoke active discussion about the past and its importance to present and future generations. We foster an on-going dialogue surrounding citizens, soldiers, and nations through America's military heritage. 

Why is this important? In a world with change accelerating all around us, more and more, we need an understanding and appreciation of the principles and experiences that led to the founding of our nation. Recent studies, however, show that fewer and fewer people can answer the most basic questions about America’s history. Without that basic knowledge, we are unable to measure the significance of the events happening today that affect our everyday lives. Fort Ticonderoga is a symbol of our rich heritage and should stand as a beacon to understand our present and inform our future.

Fort Ticonderoga is a family destination, a center of learning and an interactive, multi-faceted experience. It’s exploring the beautiful gardens, finding adventure in our events, marching with the Fife and Drum Corps, and learning about a historic trade. It’s a visit through the reconstructed fort, a stroll overlooking Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont, a boat ride along the beautiful waters of Lake Champlain, and an afternoon in our exhibit galleries exploring our premier collections. A visit to Fort Ticonderoga connects all visitors to a place and time that defined a continent, a nation, and its continued legacy.

Enjoy Fort Ticonderoga’s website to explore its epic history, rare collections, and rich learning opportunities! You can also find us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and YouTube

Beth L. Hill
President and CEO
Fort Ticonderoga