Fort Ticonderoga's Mobile Application

Explore the epic history of Fort Ticonderoga! For over a century, Fort Ticonderoga has been one of the premier museums of 18th-century military history, and now you can experience the remarkable stories of our collections in greater detail using our new mobile application. The Fort Ticonderoga Museum holds the largest collection of 18th-century artillery in the western hemisphere. Collected throughout the 20th century, these cannon, mortars, and howitzers represent the evolution of war tactics, strategy, and technology from the late 17th to the early 19th century. For the first time ever, the stories of these cannon are accessible to both on-site and virtual visitors through our mobile app.


  • Exclusive images of documents and objects from our collections
  • Geo-location technology to provide an interactive map of the site
  • Personalize and share your experience by creating a favorites list and sharing highlights with friends or social networks

Visitors can download content as they navigate our site using cellular data or guest WIFI. Users also have the option to connect to WIFI and download the content before their visit, enabling them to access the application offline while they tour the grounds.

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The development of Fort Ticonderoga’s Mobile Application was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, grant # MA-10-15-0182-15.