Fort Ticonderoga’s Innovative, Immersive Approach to Public Programming in America’s 250th

2024- 1774
Daily programs will center on the British guard from the 26th Regiment of Foot under Captain William Delaplace. Peacetime garrison life for soldiers and families will be contrasted with growing political dissent and violence around Boston and locally in the Green Mountains.

2025- 1775
Daily programs will begin a REAL-TIME approach, portraying different groups of soldiers & families, from the British Guard –up through May 10—to the Connecticut and New York soldiers who took their turn guarding Fort Ticonderoga.

2026- 1776
Daily programs will continue the REAL-TIME  approach to our Revolutionary War narrative.  Continental portrayals through the spring will evoke the progress of supplies and reinforcements to a beleaguered northern Army in Canada. The summer and fall fatigue projects of recreated entrenchments, soldiers’ huts, and armed vessels will show the struggle to rebuild the army and prepare for the British attack.

2027- 1777
Real time daily programming will chart the course of the 1777 campaign, with portrayals of soldiers of different regions and nations around the Atlantic World, as Ticonderoga historically changed hands between armies. 1777 portrayals will underscore the diversity of peoples swept up in the Revolutionary War, from Native American warriors to German cavalrymen and loyalist refugee families. At the same time a new professional core within the Continental Army through their defense and retreat from Ticonderoga, in order to fight another day.