The Bulletin of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum

back issue of bulletinThe Bulletin of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum was first printed in 1927 and continues to be the scholarly publication of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum. Since its inception, the Bulletin has included a range of articles on material culture, archaeology, collecting, campaigns, and biographies surrounding the military history of North America. A highlight of the Bulletin throughout its run has been the publication of important transcriptions of historic manuscripts from Fort Ticonderoga’s collections and other repositories around the world. These accounts, from French, British, American, and German sources, are often only available through the Bulletin and have offered deep insights into the early modern military experience for over 90 years.

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Comprehensive Table of Contents of Bulletins of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum

The Bulletin is an annual publication, accepting contributions from scholars, collectors, curators, and other students of early modern military history (roughly 1607-1815). Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. 

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