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Reasons to Take a Lake Champlain Cruise this Fall

Located in New York and Vermont, Lake Champlain is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning views and varied outdoor activities. Situated between the scenic Adirondack and Green mountains, the lake is surrounded by picturesque forests and hillsides. With more than 120 miles long and 12 miles wide, Champlain is the sixth-largest lake in the United States.

Besides being a popular spot for fishing, swimming, and boating, Lake Champlain is also home to many unique species of plants and animals. For instance, the lake is one of the only places in the world where you can find sturgeon among over 70 species of fish, which are a type of prehistoric fish that many avid fishers want to catch at some point in their lives. The lake is also home to a variety of rare birds, including the bald eagle.

Whether you are a first-time visitor, regular vacationer, or a longtime local, there are many reasons to enjoy a Lake Champlain cruise, especially during the fall! Here are some activities you can add to your itinerary when you come to visit the region:

Visit the Many Charming and Historic Communities Along the NY Shoreline

There’s a special atmosphere about the towns and villages along Lake Champlain in New York. Maybe it’s the charming historic buildings, the quaint shops and cafes, or the friendly people. Whatever it is, these towns have a unique charm that is hard to find anywhere else.

From the bustling community of Plattsburgh to the quaint village of Ticonderoga, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The region also offers many state parks and recreation areas, making it the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.

In addition, the nearby Adirondack Mountains offer endless opportunities for hiking, biking, and camping. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, the Lake Champlain region has something to offer.

Take in the Unique and Unforgettable Environment

Experience the beautiful lake, while taking in the breathtaking scenery from the Adirondack Mountains of New York on one side and the Green Mountains of Vermont on the other. As the season continues and you’re on the lookout for pops of color in the leaves, don’t forget to look for some of the rare animal species that Champlain hosts!

While you’re cruising along Lake Champlain, bring a pair of binoculars. You just may catch a glimpse of rare birds like the king rail, cerulean warbler, or a bald eagle while you’re enjoying your day on the water!

Enjoy Local Craft Beers, Wines, and Ciders Onboard

Are you someone that loves a nice, refreshing cold beverage while you relax?

Attending a Daily Boat Tour on the Carillon offers visitors to experience Ticonderoga and the surrounding areas on a 75-minute narrated tour. The friendly and experienced staff will guide you through Lake Champlain’s centuries of stirring maritime history with panoramic vistas around you and a sonar view of shipwrecks below. Grab a locally crafted beverage for purchase to sip as you take in the epic fall scenery. With a wide selection of beer, wine, soft drinks, and snacks on board, this option is suitable for the whole family!

See History Spring to Life at Fort Ticonderoga

At Fort Ticonderoga, our staff hosts regular events, exhibits, and tours that seamlessly blend the Lake Champlain region’s rich history with excitement and entertainment.

With plenty of activities and sights to see for all ages, plan a day this fall at the fort by walking its historic grounds. You will have the chance to see authentic Revolutionary War era artifacts, such as art, weapons, and equipment that bring the fort’s story to life from its origins to one of the most significant sites in American history.

You can also continue the fun by attending a guided tour, special event, or take yourself on a tour using one of our curated itineraries. If you prefer to explore on your own, you can also take in the beauty of the fort ground along with the numerous garden spaces where you can relax and enjoy the fresh Adirondack autumn air.

Whether you want to stop for a mid-day meal or cap off your visit with a delicious original dish, be sure to stop by America’s Fort Café to enjoy incredible farm-to-fork dining with views of Lake Champlain and Mount Defiance. The café’s menu features farm-to-table options with locally sourced ingredients, such as unique sandwiches and burgers, homemade seasonal soups, and garden-fresh salads!

If you are ready to visit the Lake Champlain region and enjoy your own cruise on the Carillon, visit our Boat Cruises page for more information. Complete the experience by also checking our upcoming events, suggested itineraries, and the menu for America’s Fort Cafe!