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Winter Quarters at Fort Ticonderoga: November 2018 - April 2019
Join us for exciting events, seminars, workshops, overnight opportunities, group visits, and more! 

 The campaign of 1758:  May 4 - October 31, 2019
Open daily 9:30 am - 5:00 pm (Last ticket sold at 4:30 pm)
Experience the blend of history and natural beauty like nowhere else when you visit Fort Ticonderoga! Every day is an event and every year is a new experience. New in 2019, explore the French Army’s defense against British invasion, which climaxed in the 1758 epic Battle of Carillon. Explore this story and Ticonderoga's many other chapters through new immersive programs, guided tours, weapon firing demonstrations, new and permanent exhibits, breathtaking gardens, daily narrated boat tours, soldiers' life programs, Mount Defiance, hands-on family activities, the Carillon Battlefield hiking trail, and more!

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Campaign of 1758 Tours & Demonstrations

Key to the Continent Tour: A Guided Tour through Fort Ticonderoga
Daily 10:15 am, 1:15 pm, 3:00 pm (Begins at American Flag)

In this entertaining 30 minute tour, discover the incredible story of Ticonderoga and all the great experiences Fort Ticonderoga offers today. Learn about the iconic battles of Carillon & Ticonderoga within the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Explore groundbreaking preservation and reconstruction efforts which allowed Fort Ticonderoga to bring to life its heroic tales today and for generations to come.

Musket Firing Demonstration
Daily 11:00 am (Demonstration Area)

Even in the wilderness, a soldier’s world was siege and defense behind earthen or log walls. Discover the muskets of French soldiers and artillerymen and thrill at the musket firing as the soldiers work together to hold their ground.

A Continent's Collections Tour: A Guided Tour of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum
Daily 11:30 am and 2:30 pm (Parade Ground)
More than a century of collecting has allowed Fort Ticonderoga to acquire North America’s largest and most important collection of 18th-century military material culture. This guided tour will give you the scoop on the most significant, rare, and interesting pieces in the collection.

Breaking Ground Tour: A Guided Tour of the Beautiful & Historic Gardens
Daily May, June, September, October at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm (Begins at American Flag)
Daily June 26-August 27 at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm (Musical Escort Departing from American Flag)
From military garrison gardens to a secluded colonial revival commemorative spectacle of color and light, explore one of the oldest cultivated landscapes in America. Discover the layers of horticultural history of the Ticonderoga peninsula.

Cannon Firing Demonstration
Daily 2:00 pm (Demonstration area)

Artillerymen’s work was half art and half science; carefully measuring powder, wadding, and iron cannon balls to make powerful, perfectly-aimed shots. See how French Artillerymen made the guns of Fort Carillon (later named Ticonderoga) so formidable.

Mount Defiance Tour: Witness to History Guided Tour
Daily May 4-October 31 at 4:00 pm (Begins atop Mount Defiance)

Oh, the stories this graceful mountain overlooking French Fort Carillon (later named Ticonderoga) could tell! As Fort Ticonderoga relives 1758, discover the unique tactical role of Mount Defiance in the story of this decisive campaign.

Family Guided Tour
Daily July and August at 10:40 am and 1:40 pm (Begins at American Flag)
In this fun, active tour, explore the history of Fort Ticonderoga. Discover all the fun things to do during your visit for all ages! 

Fifes & Drums of Fort Ticonderoga
Daily, June 26-August 27 (Various Locations Throughout the Day)
Listen to stirring tunes that eased the drudgery of a long march, or the many calls that regulated activity in the fort. Explore how drumbeats, trilling 
fifes, and songs created the 18th-century world of military music.

Ongoing Programs and Outdoor Recreation

In the midst of great campaigns and sieges, discover daily life for French soldiers at Fort Carillon (later named Ticonderoga). See how people from across oceans and continents met here in 1758.

Soldiers’ Dinner
What happened to the bread? In the middle of military victory, discover how crop failure spelled real trouble for Canadians and French soldiers alike in 1758.

Musket Maintenance
Whether muskets, grenadier muskets, or hunting fusils, each shot of black powder left fouling, which ate away at the gun unless cleaned off. Watch as hot water, grease, and a little brick dust keeps these weapons working; lock, 
stock and barrel.

Soldiers pushing needle and thread made far more than just clothing. From napkins and haversacks to tarps and lock covers for muskets, discover the many necessary things fashioned from cloth and canvas.

Cheap, plentiful, handmade, genuine leather shoes: it’s too good to be true, right? Join skilled shoemakers as they ply their trade, making and fixing French soldiers’ shoes. Discover how artisan work and mass-production together made shoes for soldiers and subjects alike. Enjoy the subtle style of a man’s shoe in 1758 and the science of making it fit with our skilled shoemakers.

From tree to timber and beam to building, watch carpentry in action as French soldiers use hand-tools to recreate real structures found here in 1758. See the uncommon skills that were shared among soldiers and allowed armies to build massive fortifications like Fort Carillon.

Maritime Trades
A growing French fleet on Lake Champlain supplied the French Army at Carillon in 1758. Learn more about the boat building that made this fleet and how French boat styles influenced generations of vessels in North America.

Soldiers’ Gardening
While the French Army drew battle lines off to the west, the Jardin du Roi, or King’s Garden, was the front line in the fight against scurvy. Discover the deep roots of soldiers’ gardens within the French Army and how companies of soldiers tended their plots near the shores of Lake Champlain.

Centuries of Seeds and Stories
Let our flowers and friendly staff be your guide to the layers of history found in the King’s Garden. Explore how this lakeside farmland was used for French soldiers growing vegetables in 1758 to fresh fruits and flowers for guests at the Pavilion Hotel a century later, and beyond. Walk brick paths of the 20th-century walled garden, a tribute to the soldiers who fought on this ground, and a witness to the first historic preservation and reconstruction effort in America.

Carillon Battlefield Hiking Trail
Explore 18th-century earthworks, glacially scarred rock formations, and a pristine wilderness landscape on the 1.7-mile trail. Be sure to pick up a trail guide in the Log House Welcome Center at the Guest Service Desk!