Living History & Historic Trades

Soldiers Life Programs:
Every year is a new experience and every day is an event at Fort Ticonderoga! In 2018, Fort Ticonderoga will tell the story of the year 1781 and the British Royal Navy who defended the iconic fort and the strategic waterways of Lake Champlain. In all the talk of battles, dates, and generals what was is really like to be at Ticonderoga in 1781? 

Historic Trades:
Fort Ticonderoga’s historic trades show a much bigger picture than military duty. Through hands-on demonstrations explore the construction of familiar, everyday objects. Every tool tells a story, from global networks of trade to today’s detectives who study these period crafts to keep them alive. Step into everyday life as skilled craftsmen make the clothing, shoes, accouterments, and buildings used here today.

With every soldier issued two pairs of shoes and two pairs of leather shoe soles donated by the King of England himself, explore how issues of economics and supply stitched together protect soldiers feet. See shoemakers among the ranks of soldiers repair their comrades' shoes in a campaign that tried men's souls.

Maritime Trades:
See the craftsmanship and labor needed to build and maintain boats on Lake Champlain. From small bateaux to huge sloops of war, discover the scale of naval construction on this strategic inland waterway creating the Royal Navy Fleet of 1781. 

So why was there all that wool in the clothes? Follow the logic behind soldiers’ uniforms, balancing appearance on parade with durability and comfort on campaign in all seasons. See how centuries of experience and current fashion shaped uniforms. Learn the stitches used by soldiers and tailors alike to build, repair, and fit uniforms. Handle the materials used to protect soldiers from the elements at this front-line outpost.

In 1781, the buildings in and around Fort Ticonderoga were just ruins. British soldiers and sailors trained in framing and finishing wooden buildings were tasked at rebuilding barracks and storehouses. Watch as chisels, saws, and axes make perfect mortise and tennon cuts to rebuild structures.

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