Fort Ticonderoga invites you to embark on a historical adventure!

Engaging exhibits, interactive family programs, lively interpretive events and insightful seminars bring to life Fort Ticonderoga's rich history and connects its importance today!

Fort Ticonderoga offers many interpretive and educational opportunities for learners of all ages to explore our epic history.

Educators may take advantage of teacher workshops, seminars and conferences, all designed to immerse teachers in place-based learning. We offer teacher scholarships for our annual seminars and conferences, as well as week-long summer workshops. We also offer many educational resources for planning a trip to Fort Ticonderoga, or for use in your classroom. 

Students can participate in engaging field trips, and special on-site school programs, which allow them to see and feel history come alive. We also offer an outreach program where historical interpreters bring the experience of Fort Ticonderoga into classrooms.  

Scouts can also take part in special programs designed to immerse them in the daily experiences of soldiers garrisoning the fort, including learning how soldiers ate, marched, slept, and trained.

Life-long learners encounter the many facets of our history through our collections, exhibitions, historical interpretation, and landscape. We offer special seminars, conferences, and interpretive events throughout the year to allow visitors to engage more deeply with our history.