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Eclipsed: Unveiling the Science of Astronomy on the Eve of the American Revolution during April 7th Living History Event

Join Fort Ticonderoga for a lively one-day REAL TIME REVOLUTION™ event 1774 His Majesty’s Garrison of Ticonderoga on Sunday, April 7th to discover the peacetime garrison life for the British soldiers and their families that lived at Fort Ticonderoga 250 years ago.  Learn how soldiers at Ticonderoga in the 18th century studied physics and astronomy to gain a deeper understanding of the world as we prepare for the Great North American Eclipse.

“Physicists and mathematicians like Sir Isaac Newton used cannon shots as analogies and real-world tests for the math to plot the movement of celestial bodies,” said Fort Ticonderoga Vice President of Public History, Stuart Lilie. “During this living history event, learn about the advances in physics and astronomy that made 1774 closer to our perspective today, than 250 years prior.”

Event programming will bring to life Fort Ticonderoga on the eve of the American Revolution, with its armament of cannons and guard of British soldiers. Explore tailoring in the British Army and how this trade clothed the soldiers of a global empire. See carpentry tools in action and discover the ongoing work to maintain and furnish the barracks hastily rebuilt after a fire in 1760. Watch oxen in action, hauling supplies and lumber around the fort. Handle reproduction shoes to discover the science of recreating archaeological examples from shipwrecks. The musket firing demonstration will recreate the peacetime training of these soldiers from the 26th Regiment of Foot, showcasing continued trends from the French & Indian War. See practical science in action with a cannon demonstration as levers, angles, and aiming come together for each shot. Delve into the math of successfully aiming a cannon and see how artillery was on the cutting edge of physics during these formative years for astronomy.

Appropriate footwear for undetermined winter weather conditions is highly recommended.

This event is free to Ticonderoga Ambassador Pass holders and Fort Ticonderoga Members, with no reservations required. Tickets for the general public can be purchased online in advance at or upon arrival.

*Fort Ticonderoga is only open on Sunday, April 7 from 10am-4pm. Fort Ticonderoga and Mount Defiance are not open to the public for the eclipse on Monday, April 8. Daily visitation begins May 4!

About Fort Ticonderoga:
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Photo: Artillerymen in the 18th-century used objects such as this to gauge elevation and practice laying guns to test range and accuracy as well as study the sky. (Photo: Fort Ticonderoga Museum Collections, 2005.0036.001).