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February’s Fort Fever Program to Focus on Soldiers of Color at Ticonderoga for Black History Month

Soldiers standing in formation during For Fever programFort Ticonderoga’s “Fort Fever Series” continues on Sunday, February 11, at 2:00 p.m. with a program on “Soldiers of Color at Ticonderoga” presented by Stuart Lilie, Vice President of Public History and Operations. During this program, explore the diversity of soldiers who fought at Ticonderoga and examine how attitudes about soldiers of color varied dramatically within the numerous armies and empires that held Ticonderoga. This program is part of the National Black History Month celebration.

The great campaigns of the French & Indian War and Revolutionary War have frequently been envisioned with long battle lines of soldiers as equally white as they were uniform. However, small, but significant numbers of African or African-American soldiers appear in nearly every army that came to Ticonderoga. Differences between the French army and Canadian irregulars or between states of the new United States also played out in different attitudes about soldiers of color in the ranks. Events like the 1757 massacre at Fort William Henry revealed Canadian involvement in the captive and transatlantic slave trade. The presence of African-American soldiers among New England regiments at Ticonderoga was deeply resented by other American officers. Even as the American Army faced a vast British Army in 1777, the removal of these African-American soldiers from the ranks was considered a priority by many officers.

Tickets are $12 per person and can be purchased at the door; Fort Ticonderoga Members and Ticonderoga Ambassador Pass holders are admitted free of cost. The program will take place in the Mars Education Center.

Additional “Fort Fever Series” programs are scheduled on March 11 and April 15. The “Fort Fever Series” is just one of several programs taking place during Winter Quarters at Fort Ticonderoga now through April. Clothing and Accoutrement Workshops are offered March 10-11 and April 14-15. Fort Ticonderoga presents living history events on February 17 (1775 British Garrison at Ticonderoga), and March 24 (Ordered to Join the Northern Army in Canada). The Seventh Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium will be held on April 7. You can learn more about all of these programs by visiting Some programs require advance registration.

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Photo:  Fort Ticonderoga’s “Fort Fever Series” continues February 11 with a Black History Month program “Soldiers of Color at Ticonderoga.” The Sunday afternoon program begins at 2:00 p.m. and is $12 per person; free for Members of Fort Ticonderoga and Ticonderoga Ambassador Pass holders.