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Fort Ticonderoga Presents Defiance & Independence Epic Two-Day Battle Reenactment July 22 & 23

Experience one of Fort Ticonderoga’s signature events Defiance & Independence a two-day battle re-enactment on Saturday July 22 and Sunday July 23.

Featuring more than 300 historical reenactors, this is the largest battle reenactment of the year at Fort Ticonderoga. The battle will highlight the 1777 siege of Ticonderoga, when the British Army attempted to capture the entire American force guarding this strategic position on Lake Champlain.

Admission to the reenactment event is included with the purchase of a general admission ticket. Your second day admission is free — witness the entire two-day battle with a single ticket! For more information on this event and to view the entire event schedule, please visit or call 518-585-2821.

The Surprising American Retreat:
This intense two-day battle re-enactment will portray the fighting and maneuvering which culminated in General Arthur St. Clair’s evacuation of  Ticonderoga and British General John Burgoyne’s frustration in failing to capture the American force. Watch, learn, and experience first-hand as the battle spans across the historic landscape at 1pm both Saturday and Sunday, during two unique battle scenarios. All weekend, through special programs, Fort Ticonderoga brings to life the real stories of soldiers and civilians caught up in this 6-day clash between British and American forces.

A brand-new Saturday evening program will recreate the moment Continental Army soldiers prepared to escape capture, even as their cannons continued to hold the British at bay. Pre-registration for the evening vignette is required, limited tickets available. Claim your ticket now!

A Defining Story Brought to Life:
“The opportunity to follow the battle as American soldiers defended entrenched positions around Ticonderoga, before secretly escaping British encirclement is an immersive exciting tale you can’t experience anywhere else,” said Beth Hill, Fort Ticonderoga president and CEO. “Our guests will watch the battle unfold, meeting the diverse British force, from Native American to German Allies, and discovering unsung moments of heroism, like the evacuation of the Continental Army hospital.”

“Ticonderoga was already a legendary place when American forces held back the British here in October 1776,” said Stuart Lilie, Fort Ticonderoga’s Vice President of Public History. “The personal stories of soldiers, sailors, nurses, and warriors make the 1777 Battle for Ticonderoga compelling for visitors of all ages.”

Each day offers a uniquely different experience for guests and is filled with historically immersive programs and thrilling re-enactments. View the weekend schedule here.

Fort Ticonderoga offers more than one hundred exciting and unique events, programs, and premium experiences this season! Visit for a full list of ongoing programs.

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