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New Featured Annual: Bupleurum

There’s always something new in the gardens at Fort Ticonderoga. The Discovery Gardens located just outside the walled formal garden are the perfect place to experiment with plants that are not the usual garden center fare.  One example is Bupleurum, commonly called Thoroughwax or Hare’s ear.  It’s striking chartreuse flower color is reminiscent of Lady’s mantle.

240px-Illustration_Bupleurum_rotundifolium0[1]According to our supplier, Fedco Seeds,

“Though not well known outside of Dutch flower auctions where it commands a price similar to roses, this unique plant with yellowish flowers and round leaves gets attention from dried-flower growers. Its well-branched 2′ stems air-dry perfectly, retaining their green color and looking like they had been dried in glycerin. Because each stem fans out, an individual stem provides backdrop for an entire arrangement, either fresh or dried.” (Green Gold Bupleurum, Bupleurum griffithii, aka B. rotundifolium )

Sounds like a winner. Check with us at King’s Garden this season to see this interesting annual for yourself!

Heidi teRiele Karkoski
Director of Horticulture