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The Noble Train Begins: Living History Event on December 9, 2017

Man standing near horse looking over at group of soldiersJoin Fort Ticonderoga on December 9, 2017 to relive Henry Knox’s epic feat as he prepared to move massive cannon from Ticonderoga to Boston to force the British evacuation in 1776. Watch as soldiers work as carpenters to maintain Ticonderoga. Witness the raw power of oxen and horses as these thousand pound animals pull sleds of cannon tubes. Examine the science of gunnery, preserved in Fort Ticonderoga’s massive cannon collection. Listen to the martial music of 1775 in a stirring Fife and Drum concert. Tour through Fort Ticonderoga and learn more about our museum exhibits and daily demonstrations as you step into the first year of the Revolutionary War. Visit historic trades shops to discover daily routines for men and women at this strategic fortification in 1775. For the full event schedule, and to learn more about the event, visit or call 518-585-2821.

“Step into a hive of military activity as you meet the soldiers working feverishly to maintain Fort Ticonderoga,” said Beth Hill, Fort Ticonderoga President and CEO. “Walk along teamsters and oxen as they help in the work. Visit a trades shop to discover how tradesmen known as artificers worked to resupply soldiers with clothing, shoes, and equipment. Discover how meals were prepared and rationed to feed an entire army.”

Bring your family along to experience this exciting living history event during Fort Ticonderoga’s new schedule of programs during Winter Quarters season. From November through April, visitors will be immersed in a more intimate experience at Fort Ticonderoga. From exciting living history events, insightful seminars, specialty programs, and hands-on workshops, guests will have the opportunity to explore Fort Ticonderoga during what was traditionally the “Winter Quarters” season for armies of the 18th century.

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Photo: The Noble Train Begins Living History Event will take place on December 9, 2017 at Fort Ticonderoga. Visit or call 518-585-2821 for more Winter Quarter events, programs, and seminars.