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Robert Rogers and his Rangers Return to Ticonderoga during Dramatic Battle Reenactment on Saturday, March 9, 2024

Robert Rogers and his Rangers return to Fort Ticonderoga Saturday, March 9, 2024 for the dramatic 1759 Battle on Snowshoes reenactment from 10am-4pm!

The Battle on Snowshoes event vividly recreates the final winter battle between a scout of Haudenosaunee Warriors, British Regulars, and Rogers’ Rangers, versus the French garrison of soldiers, Canadians and Native American warriors at Fort Ticonderoga on March 7, 1759. This event is designed to be a rich experience for guests of all ages as they explore dramatic wilderness warfare in the final Battle on Snowshoes in 1759.

“Although the 1759 Battle on Snowshoes is the least familiar of the three Battle on Snowshoes, it was arguably Robert Rogers’ most successful,” said Stuart Lilie, Fort Ticonderoga Vice President of Public History. “This reenactment highlights the changing situation by 1759 as Haudenosaunee Warriors and British Regulars made up the majority of Rogers’ force, working seamlessly with rangers. With both grand strategy and the visceral details for life on the front lines, we’re excited to portray this dramatic prelude to the 1759 campaign, a turning point for the history of North America.”

Throughout the day, visitors will explore life for the French garrison inside Fort Carillon, later named Fort Ticonderoga, discovering the sights and sounds of daily life for the soldiers guarding French Canada’s front line. Join the chorus of French soldiers at 12:00 p.m. and learn the words to French folk songs that soldiers enjoyed passing the time on long marches or long days of work. Savor the aroma the French soldiers’ dinner, a hearty pea soup seasoned with savory salted pork. Tour through the French soldiers’ quarters and watch as soldiers cut the firewood desperately needed for heat during the cold long winter. See the Officers’ quarters and learn about the few simple luxuries French officers could afford with the dire economic situation for French Canada in 1759.

Hands-on programming explores the components of French artillery ammunition as Fort Ticonderoga staff recreate the shot stockpiled for the coming summer siege. Discover the story of women with the French Army as they served on the front lines preparing sand bags to shore up defenses. Strap on your snowshoes and march out to the edge of frozen Lake Champlain to see the real battlefield for the 1759 presentation of the Battle on Snowshoes. During the 1:30 p.m. battle, become immersed as the Rangers ambush turns into a fight for their lives and the French attempt to cut off their retreat. Winter footwear is strongly encouraged!

View the visitor schedule here.

Robert Rogers departed Fort Edward on a grand scout of French held Ticonderoga on March 3, 1759, leading 358 Mohawk Warriors, British Regulars and Rangers. They arrived on Cape Diamond–present day Mount Independence—across from the French fort early on March 7. They sat in ambush, awaiting French soldiers who hiked across Frozen Lake Champlain to cut firewood. Rogers sprung his ambush upon this French party who armed only with their axes fled back across Lake Champlain. As Rogers’ party pressed on they came within ‘pistol shot’ of the fort walls as the French guard sortied out to attack them. As French Canadians, allied Native Warriors, and soldiers pushed on, Rogers’ party retreated across the ice towards Mount Defiance. Safely in woods once more, Rogers’ party broke free from the French, returning to Fort Edward with the latest news about the French fort, in preparation for the campaign to come.

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