At Home Activities

Artillery Marking Activity 
Recommended for Upper Middle and High School Students

Explore the markings, meanings, and math of British cannon in this fun video activity. Explore some of the great 18th-century British artillery pieces in Fort Ticonderoga’s collection virtually at home on our YouTube Channel!

1774 A Soldier’s Mess: Cooking Activity
Recommended for Lower & Upper Elementary Students with parent supervision

Bring a little history home using groceries in your own house! In this fun cooking tutorial, see how to bring hearth cooking from British garrison life onto your own kitchen stovetop to make a soldier’s soup. See how it’s done on our YouTube channel!

Powder Horn Banana Activity
Recommended for Lower and Upper Elementary School Students

This fun, safe craft activity allows students to creatively explore the elaborate scrimshaw work found on soldiers’ powder horns from the Revolutionary War. Using merely bananas and toothpicks, students consider symbolism and personal expression for soldiers defending this new nation at Ticonderoga. See how it’s done on our YouTube Channel!

Building a 1776 Soldier’s Hut
Recommended for Upper Elementary & Middle School Students

This math activity features word problems related to measuring materials needed to build a soldier’s hut at Fort Ticonderoga. This worksheet can be used to introduce or review converting feet into inches and using addition, multiplication, and simple division to determine the materials soldiers will need for their hut.

Ezra Tilden – Carrying the Weight of a Soldier
Recommended for Upper Elementary Students

Check out the contents of Ezra Tylden’s knapsack in 1776! Read and analyze this journal entry from a soldier who wrote down everything he brought with him as he prepared to march to Fort Ticonderoga in July of 1776.

4th Pennsylvania Battalion Gingerbread Hut
Prepare for winter at Ticonderoga by building your own unique gingerbread soldiers’ hut!

Pumpkin Carving Patterns
Bring history to life this fall as you stencil your favorite Fort Ticonderoga design onto your pumpkin!

Coloring Pages
Put your colorful imagination to work as you picture the past through these fun coloring sheets! Download your own copies and create your own vivid picture of daily life at Fort Ticonderoga with this ever-growing assortment.

Word Puzzles
Complete these word puzzles to explore the various components of a soldier’s life in the 18th century! Search through the contents of a soldier’s knapsack, inspect the equipment he would have carried, discover components of 18th-century dress, and learn the names of tunes that regulated British camp life. You may even pick up a few dinner ideas with the soldier’s mess puzzle!