Ticonderoga Collections: An Introduction

For over 100 years Fort Ticonderoga has been collecting the material remains of early modern warfare. In addition to the artifacts recovered during the first restoration of the fort between 1908 and 1909, the museum quickly began seeking out objects that survived the conflicts of the 18th century. Originally displayed in the Officers’ Barracks, Fort Ticonderoga’s collections have grown to over 200,000 artifacts. While only a fraction of the museum’s overall collection is ever on display at a single time, the artifacts in this exhibit represent the wide variety of objects within the collection. These go far beyond just the walls of Fort Ticonderoga, encompassing American and European military history from the early 17th century through the early 19th century. Together these objects provide a window into one of the most consequential periods in history, as colonizers expanded across the Atlantic, empires battled, nations were born, and the shape of the modern world was created through the violence of war.

To view objects from this exhibit, visit the Ticonderoga Online Collections Database!