Artillery Academy

Discover the math and science behind artillery in the 18th century! From salt-peter and Sulphur to sine and cosine, learn how artillerymen made powerful explosives and exactingly aimed their shots using theory and the art of gunnery. See these principles applied to the operation of reproduction cannon just like gunners of the Royal Artillery practiced at the Woolwich Arsenal in the 18th century.

Program details:

  • 15-20 minute presentation of chemistry used in artillery (Recipes for powder, portfire, slow match)
  • 15-20 minute presentation of the physics of artillery (Trajectories, ranging tables, estimating distances)
  • 15 minute cannon demonstration (3 pound Light Field Piece)
  • 5-10 minute Question and Answer


Available by inquiry.

Making Reservations

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C3 Framework Key Ideas Addressed

  • D2.His.2.9-12. Analyze change and continuity in historical eras.
  • D2.His.3.9-12. Use questions generated about individuals and groups to assess how the significance of their actions changes over time and is shaped by the historical context.
  • D2.His.8.9-12. Analyze how current interpretations of the past are limited by the extent to which available historical sources represent the perspectives of people at the time.

Common Core Framework Key Ideas Addressed

  • CC.9-12.G.SRT.10 – Prove the Laws of Sines and Cosines and use them to solve problems.
  • CC.9-12.N.Q.1 – Use units as a way to understand problems and to guide the solution of multi-step problems; choose and interpret units consistently in formulas; choose and interpret the scale and the origin in graphs and data displays.
  • CC.9-12.S.MD.2 – Calculate the expected value of a random variable; interpret it as the mean of the probability distribution.