In the middle of the 20th century dioramas were state-of-the-art means of reconstructing the past. Living history historical interpretation was still young, film was expensive, and computer animation was a fantasy. Vivid three dimensional models could reconstruct past events, buildings, people, and things like no other media. Fort Ticonderoga invested heavily in such dioramas which have remained popular parts of the visitors experience for nearly half a century.

The interpretation of the events depicted has changed, in some cases dramatically in the past 50 years, leaving the dioramas captivating but not accurate portrayals of the current state of knowledge. Diorama-Rama: History in Miniature brings together most of the museum's collection of 20th-century dioramas depicting different periods in Fort Ticonderoga's history and different perspectives on historical events giving a sense of how our understanding and interpretation of history has changed.