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Make History with Your Dad!

It’s that time of year when we celebrate how great every Dad is and how much our Dads mean to us. There are a number of traditional and typical gifts that a majority of Dads will receive throughout the years; socks, a tie with a quirky cartoon design, a book or perhaps a garden tool. Whilst these are very much appreciated (as it is the thought that counts!), there’s no better gift than spending quality time with dad on his day.

Whether you see your Dad every day or perhaps only on occasion, take the opportunity this year on Father’s Day to whisk him away to Fort Ticonderoga, located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Every day is an event and every year is a new experience at Fort Ticonderoga!

Here are five reasons why a day at Fort Ticonderoga with dad is a perfect gift for Father’s Day:

Carillon boat tour
Take a scenic boat tour and discover the epic history above and below the waters of Lake Champlain

1. Take a scenic boat tour aboard the Vessel Carillon and spend quality time enjoying a 90 minute unforgettable voyage on Lake Champlain. Enjoy the views and the narrated tour where you will discover cool information about the epic history above and blow the water and how this place shaped the story of North America!  Catch a tour at 1 pm and 3:30 pm .  Be sure to get your combo daily pass and boat tickets at Admissions when you arrive!

2. Have a blast! Dads and kids of all ages love Fort Ticonderoga’s weapons demonstrations. This year check out our museum staff highlight the French soldiers at Carillon (later named Ticonderoga) in 1757 as they were preparing to capture the British held Fort William Henry at the southern part of the lake. The Musket Demonstration at 11 am and the Cannon Demonstration 2 pm feature insider information on how the weapons work, systems of warfare and strategy, and of course never let us down with an awesome bang (make that 2!)!

3. Is your Dad crafty? Step into our historic trades shops located in the the Barracks and talk with our talented museum staff to learn about construction at the fort in 1757 anFrench soldiers marchingd the carpentry projects underway. This week we made some bunks for the soldiers. See what their next project is! Compare today’s tools with the tools used at Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga) in 1757. Don’t forget to visit the shoe maker and tailor shop too! You might even get your Dad fitted for a new Regimental Coat!

4. But my Dad loves gardening! Well, we have something great for your Dad too! The stunning walled King’s Garden and the other Discovery Gardens located on the shores of Lake Champlain is the perfect spot to take your Dad. Enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded in beauty and heirloom flowers and plants, take a Garden Tour offered at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm, and be sure to talk with Fort Ticonderoga horticulture team to learn about our centuries of gardening at Ticonderoga!

5. Dad deserves a super Father’s Day lunch! Pull up a chair at America’s Fort Cafe located in the Log House House Welcome Center and enjoy the exquisite views of New York’s Adirondack Mountains and Vermont’s Green Mountains overlooking Lake Champlain. Enjoy fresh veggies from the King’s Garden, delicious sandwiches and burgers, local beer and wine, and don’t forget dessert! We recommend the Rhubarb Mouse made fresh from the King’s Garden’s own Rhubarb! Don’t forget to pick-up a special gift for your Dad in the Museum Store while you are at the Log House!

6. Your Dad is one of a kind and so are our museum collections! Visit our many exhibits located in the South Barracks and in the Mars Education Center. Check out the all the guns, powder horns, swords, and stories that helped fight for empire and our liberty. Be sure to visit our newest major exhibit “The Last Argument of Kings” in the Mars Education Center. Download our mobile application to get the inside scoop on all the cannon on the fort walls too!

7. Soar to new heights atop Mount Defiance!
End your perfect Father’s Day adventure with your Dad as you ascend to the top of Mount Defiance for the 4 pm Witness to History Tour. Get a birds-eye view of America’s most historic landscape and learn why Fort Ticonderoga was the “Key to the Continent in the 18th-century!

Aerial view of Fort Ticonderoga
Photo Credit: Carl Heilmann II

Spend the day and make history with Dad at Fort Ticonderoga. Remember to show your appreciation for your fathers, father figures, and male mentors this Sunday on Father’s Day while you learn about our nation’s forefathers and their fight for independence!